Coalescer prefilters hydro4
Coalescer prefilters


Extend the useful lifetime of the downstream high-performance filters

hydro4 filter cells have excellent coalescing properties and are ideally suited for applications with constant water spray or fogging.

Applications Features
Article Article number Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Water retention capacity acc. to ISO 29461-2 [%] Nominal volume flow
Initial pressure drop [Pa]
hydro4-RW-0592x0592x096-Z00N-932-AAG 53626454 592 x 592 x 96 G4 >95 4,250 90
hydro4-RWC-0554x0554x096-W50D-932-AAG (Clip-on-version) 53626455 554 x 554 x 96 G4 >95 4,250 100
Filter class G4
Filter class G4
Easy installation
Easy installation
Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity
Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity


hydro4 filter cells are used for intake air filtration of:

  • gas turbines in power generation and in the oil and gas industry

  • compressors, diesel and gas engines.


  • The filter design offers excellent coalescer and filtration performance.

  • Specially designed for use in limited installtion space.  

  • hydro4 filters are fully-potted resulting in a leak-free construction.

  • The entire filter element is metal-free and thus non-corroding and fully incinerable.

  • Thanks to coalescing properties ideally suited for applications where filters are exposed to constant waterspray or fogging.

  • Protection of the downstream high-performance filter stage against water droplets, extends thus their useful lifetime.

  • The Freudenberg "clip-on system" allows close coupling of the hydro4 554x554x96 variant to either the intermediate or the final filter without any structural modifications.