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ChemControl Pellets

CCP 510

Reliable protection against corrosion

Viledon ChemControl Pellets 510 are used for removal of corrosive halogen based acidic gases. Contaminant gases are removed by means of adsorption and chemisorption.

Applications Features
Article Bulk density
Nominal diameter / Nominal length [mm] Box dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] Relative humidity [%] Removal capacity for Cl2
of own weight [%]
Weight per box [kg]
CCP 510 800 3.80 320x320x340 10-95 15 22.7
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control


Viledon ChemControl Pellets are used in different areas for the prevention of corrosion caused by acidic gases. Special pellets are utilized for ammonia and chlorine.
  • Paper and chemical pulp industrie

  • Petrochemistry

  • Mining

  • Chemical industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Data center

  • Laboratories

  • Microelectronics

  • Fertilizer


  • CCP 510 pellets are specifically used for the removal of gaseous halogens from airstreams.

  • They capture chlorine, bromine and iodine by means of adsorption and chemisorption inside their highly porous structure, which is made of activated alumina impregnated with active ingredients.

  • CCP 510 pellets offer high absorption capacities over a long useful lifetime.

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Overview of ChemControl Pellets CCP 510 gas phase filter

Gas phase filter ChemControl Pellets CCP 510
Harmful gases cause unpleasant odours and are a health hazard. On electronic components, they promote corrosion, which often results in expensive repairs or breakdowns. Therefore, harmful gases lead to increased system costs in the long run. An individual filter concept is essential for the protection of people and equipment. The highly absorbent ChemControl Pellets CCP 510 protect against corrosion by eliminating harmful gases.

Areas of application for CCP 510
Many industries benefit from the use of ChemControl Pellets CCP 510 for gas phase filtration. These include, for example, the pulp and paper, petrochemical, mining and metallurgical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Data centres, laboratories, microelectronics and the fertiliser industry also depend on reliable corrosion protection.

CCP 510 gas phase filter pellets and their advantages
CCP 510 gas phase filters pellets are designed to remove halogens from air streams. They have a highly porous structure of activated aluminium impregnated with active substances. This enables them to filter chlorine, bromine and iodine by adsorption and absorption. CCP 510 pellets are highly absorbent over a long lifetime.