Depth-loading filter cartridges GTG series Viledon
Depth-loading filter cartridges


High-performing and proven for high fine dust concentrations in the ambient air

The GTG series is used both on and offshore and, with their optimum pressure drop characteristics and maximized useful lifetimes, significantly enhances the cost-efficiency of gas turbines and compressors. 

Applications Features
Article Article number Class to ISO 16890 Filter class acc. to ISO 29461-1 Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Nominal volume flow
Initial pressure drop [Pa] Construction height [mm] Outer diameter [mm]
GTG 324 W66S0 53454436 ISO ePM1 90% ISO T10 F9 1,100 120 660 324
GTG 445 K66S0 53458789 ISO ePM1 90% ISO T10 F9 1,400 - 660 445 / 324
GTG 324-445 W 66S0-Set ISO ePM1 90% ISO T10 F9 2,500 135 1,330 445 / 324
Filter class F9
Filter class F9
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
High functional dependability
High functional dependability


Depth-loading filter cartridges of GTG series are used for intake air filtration of gas turbines and turbo compressors at both onshore and offshore installations. They are particularly suitable for locations with high dust concentrations in the ambient air. GTG filter cartridges are particular successful whenever the cleaning of surface filter cartridges does not produce any effective reduction in pressure drop, because the dust concentrations are too low and/or the dusts concerned are too sticky.


  • Innovative high strength synthetic micro-glass-fiber nonwoven with water repellent coating.
  • Uniform pleat spacing for maximum dust holding capacity.
  • The filter medium offers excellent initial efficiency, high dust holding capacity, low pressure drop and high cost efficiency.
  • GTG cartridges have been optimized in terms of filtering area, pleat depth and number of pleats which means the active filtering area remains completely effective over its entire operating lifetime.
  • The pleat pack, plus the inner and outer support cages are cast into the steel-galvanized or stainless steel end caps in a leakproof configuration. 

Overview of the GTG depth-loading filter cartridges

GTG depth-loading filter cartridges
Particles in the intake air of gas turbines can lead to corrosion and impair the performance of the plant. Stationary gas turbines must therefore be protected from contamination. Multi-stage filter systems provide effective filtration and protect against damage and downtime. In areas with high dust concentrations, depth-loading filter cartridges are used. The powerful GTG series is resilient and suitable for filtration of fine, sticky dust where a pulse-jet system is not required.

GTG applications
GTG depth-loading filter cartridges from Viledon are used on- and offshore for intake air filtration of gas turbines and turbo-compressors. They have proven their worth at sites with high dust concentrations in the outside air. GTG depth-loading filter cartridges are particularly suitable for applications where the use of pulse-jet cartridges is not appropriate. 

GTG depth-loading filter cartridges and their advantages
The resilient GTG filter cartridges are ideal for locations where there is a high concentration of fine dust in the outside air. Thanks to their pressure differential and lifetime optimised operating behaviour, they increase the efficiency of gas turbines and compressors. The filter area, pleat depth and number of pleats of the GTG filter cartridges have been optimised. As a result, the active filter area remains fully effective over the entire operating time.