Filter packs

Filter packs

For high temperatures in compact shape

In surface treatment technology high-temperature filter packs meet stringent requirements for air purity and process dependability at temperatures up to 300°C.

Applications Features
Article Nominal volume flow
Initial pressure drop [Pa] Average arrestance [%]
LH 350 350 75 99
LH 370 900 30 99
LH 1000 1,000 85 94
LH 1000 / OV 1,000 60 92
Temperature resistant
Temperature resistant
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing
Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity
Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity


High-temperature filter packs LH 350, LH 370, LH 1000 and LH 1000 OV are used for:
  • filtration of recirculating air in drying booths or drying ovens in surface treatment systems
  • filtration of air and gases at high temperatures.


  • The filter media used for all Viledon high-temperature filter packs is made of a glass-fiber nonwoven framed in expanded aluminium metal. LH 350 and LH 1000 have clean air sides that are equipped with an additional glass-fiber nonwoven layer.
  • All variants carry a type sticker on the clean air side.
  • LH 370 consists of a progressively structured polyester staple-fiber nonwoven with a scrim on the clean air side in expanded aluminium metal.
  • The temperature stability amounts to 120°C (LH 370), 200°C (LH 350) resp. 300 °C (LH 1000 / LH 1000 OV).