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Filter mats

PSB series

The classics for optimum filtration performance

Very economical thanks to their high dust holding capacity and the resulting longer lifetime.

Applications Features
Article Article number Thickness approx. [mm] Class to ISO 16890 Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Initial gravimetric arrestance [%] Initial pressure drop [Pa] Dust holding capacity (AC fine / 200 Pa) [g/m²] Nominal media velocity [m/s]
PSB/145 S 40 / 2000 7833647 10 ISO coarse 30% G2 30 22 3,600 2
PSB/275 S 30 / 2000 53375688 15 ISO coarse 45% G3 45 22 3,200 1.5
PSB/290 S 20 / 2000 8019407 20 ISO coarse 60% G4 62 22 2,600 1
ISO coarse
ISO coarse
Filter class G2
Filter class G2
Filter class G3
Filter class G3
Filter class G4
Filter class G4
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency


The PSB filter mats are used for intake air filtration in air-conditioning systems of all kinds, particularly for coarse dust arrestance or as a prefilter stage. The PSB series comprises of

  • PSB / 145 S

  • PSB / 275 S

  • PSB / 290 S


  • The mats are made of high performance nonwovens produced inhouse from elastic, break-resistant polyester fibers with thermal bonding.

  • PSB/275 S and PSB/290 S are progressive in structure, with layers being arranged behind each other so as to ensure that the density of the fiber layers increases towards the clean air side. This optimizes the defined filter performance and the dust holding capacity, resulting in longer useful lifetime for the filter concerned.

  • Due to their high dust holding capacity and their resultant long useful lifetimes, PSB filter mats are particularly cost-efficient.

  • All types of this series are especially effective in applications requiring stable arrestance in spite of high dust loading and high air flow rates.

  • When used in exhaust air filtration, the advantage of the PSB series is that arrestance and dust holding capacity are very well harmonized.

Overview of the PSB series filter mats

PSB filter mats
Filter mats are depth-loading filters (just like pocket filters, cassette filters or HEPA filters). For their manufacture, high-performance nonwovens made of elastic, unbreakable polyester fibers with thermal fiber bonding are used. In addition, the filter mats have a progressive structure, so that the density of the fiber layers increases towards the clean air side. The Viledon PSB product series is the classic for optimum filtration performance.

Areas of application for PSB filter mats
When stable filtration performance is required at high dust concentrations and high air flow rates, PSB filter mats are ideal. They are used for intake air filtration in ventilation systems, for example in air conditioning systems. In particular, they can be used for coarse-dust arrestance or as a prefilter stage.

PSB filter mats and their advantages
Thanks to the progressive structure, the filter mats not only achieve a strong filter performance, but also a high dust holding capacity. Due to the resulting long lifetime, Viledon filter mats are very economical. When used in exhaust air filtration, they are convincing not least because their collection efficiency and dust holding capacity are ideally matched to one another. In addition, filter mats of the PSB series offer safety to the user - they are tested with regard to EN 779 and ISO 16890 and are produced in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality management system. This ensures consistent, standardized quality.