Cassette filters MVP 85 V06 Viledon
Cassette filters

MVP 85 V06

Viledon quality with an optimum price-performance ratio

MVP cassette filters excel in terms of low pressure drop values and offer an optimum price-performance ratio.

Applications Features
Article Article number Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] Class to ISO 16890 Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Nominal volume flow
Initial pressure drop [Pa]
MVP 85 1/1 V06x25-Z00N-B33 53539109 592 x 592 x 292 ISO ePM2,5 70% F7 3,400 80
MVP 85 5/6 V06x25-Z00N-B33 53539108 490 x 592 x 292 ISO ePM2,5 70% F7 2,700 80
MVP 85 1/2 V06x25-Z00N-B33 53539107 287 x 592 x 292 ISO ePM2,5 70% F7 1,500 80
ISO ePM2,5
ISO ePM2,5
Filter class F7
Filter class F7
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
No dust penetration
No dust penetration
Easy installation
Easy installation


Viledon MVP V06 cassette filters are used for intake, exhaust and recirculating air filtration in air-conditioning systems, e. g.

  • office buildings

  • factory / production halls

  • airports, libraries, museums

  • laboratories, hospitals

  • old people’s and nursing homes, etc.


  • MVP V06 cassette filters excel in terms of low pressure drop values offering an optimum price-performance ratio for operation of ventilation systems.

  • They are constructed for simple and safe handling at installation.

  • The frame offers various possibilities for the installation of clips to hold prefilters.

  • Patented Viledon modular clip-on system with optionally installed pins for combination with other pre- or final filters for a 2-in-1 system solution.

  • MVP cassette filters are also available with eight (V08) instead of six (V06) pleat panels.