ChemControl Systems Module Recirculation Systems
ChemControl Systems

Module Recirculation Systems

Energy-efficient and low noise system solutions

Many industrial processes generate contaminant gases that can cause corrosion. Here the multi-stage systems provide reliable complete protection against corrosion.

Applications Features
Article Nominal volume flow
Height [mm] Number of filter stages Width [mm]
MRS-025 450 1,500 1 450
MRS-100 1,800 2,300 2 750
MRS-200 3,600 2,300 2 1,350
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing


The Viledon ChemControl Module Recirculation Systems (MRS) are multi-stage filtration systems which can be placed directly in the room to be protected to purify the air exactly at the place needed. They have an optimized footprint and handle low and medium concentration of various corrosive gases.

The Module Recirculation Systems (MRS) are equipped with a pre-filtration stage made of a progressively structured nonwoven of non-breaking synthetic-organic fibers with a stable polypropylene plastic frame, up to two stages of ChemControl Modules and as well cassette filters to ensure secure fine filtration.

They are also available with an additional pressurization function using an admixture of air from outside the room. The proportion between recirculated air and outside air can be adjusted by a manual damper placed at the top of the unit.
ChemControl Systems Module Recirculation Systems


  • Double wall design made of insulated panels, coated inside and outside meeting corrosion resistance category RC5 acc. to DIN55635/EN10169 and anodized aluminum framework, alternatively stainless steel or painted carbon steel single wall constructions.

  • High quality assembly ensures a smooth interior surface, thereby minimizing frictional losses and providing a positive air seal.

  • Vertical flow direction.

  • Units equipped with up to 2 stages of ChemControl modules.

  • High quality pre-filter and fine filter (available in different filter classes) stage.

  • Optional pressure gauges to allow clear monitoring onsite.