Honeycomb (HM) Honeycomb (HM) Modules
Honeycomb (HM)

Honeycomb (HM) Modules

The revolutionary technology for corrosion control

The modules are an assembly of Versacomb housed in either a plastic or metallic frame for removing gas-phase contaminants from outdoor or recirculated air.

Applications Features
Article Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] Seal position
GPF HM 1138P2338V175U2P0 594 x 289 x 44 * Without seal
GPF HM 2338P2338V175U2P0 594 x 594 x 44 * Without seal
GPF HM 2338M2338V380U2P0 594 x 594 x 99 * Without seal
GPF HM 1950M1950V380U2P0 495 x 495 x 99 * Without seal
GPF HM 1369H1369V600U2P2 348 x 348 x 152 * Doublesided
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control
Reduced energy costs
Reduced energy costs
Easy installation
Easy installation


HM Modules are used in different areas for the prevention of corrosion caused by contaminant gases.
  • Refineries

  • petrochemical plants

  • electric centers

  • paper mills

  • wastewater treatment plants

  • museums

  • archives

  • hospitals

  • data centers

  • break rooms

  • laboratories

  • commercial and industrial offices


  • Provides protection from gas-phase contaminants.

  • Can be installed in a standard filter track.

  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

  • Frame Options: Stainless steel, aluminum and plastic are available for most sizes.

  • Can be used at face velocities up to 500 fpm.

  • Can be used in ambient conditions up to 170 °F and 99 % RH non-condensing.

  • Easy to install - no need for a vacuum trucks.

  • Economical and energy-efficient.      * Example module sizes – others available.