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ChemControl Pellets

CCP 903

Reliable solution against ammonia

Viledon ChemControl Pellets 903 are used to protect sensitive areas of processes from corrosion and to remove odors caused by ammonia. Contaminant gases are removed by means of adsorption and chemisorption.

CCP 903 are cost efficient solution in various areas with relatively low ammonia concentration. These include, for example wastewater and fertilizer applications. 

Applications Features
Article Bulk density
Nominal diameter / Nominal length [mm] Box dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] Face velocity
Relative humidity [%] Weight per box [kg]
CCP 903 900 8 320x320x340 0,3 - 2,7 10-95 25.5
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control


Viledon ChemControl Pellets are used in different areas for the prevention of corrosion caused by acidic gases. Special pellets are utilized for ammonia and chlorine.
  • Paper and chemical pulp industrie

  • Petrochemistry

  • Mining

  • Chemical industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Data center

  • Labs

  • Microelectronics

  • Fertilizer


  • CCP 903 pellets are specifically used for the removal of gaseous ammonia from airstreams.

  • They capture ammonia by means of adsorption inside their zeolite structure.

  • A high inner surface provides good removal capacity over a long service life.

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Overview of the gas phase filters ChemControl Pellets CCP 903

Gas phase filter ChemControl Pellets CCP 903
Harmful gases have a negative impact on health and on processes. In addition to foul odours, they can cause corrosion of electronic components. This can lead to expensive repairs or breakdowns, disrupt processes and increase operating costs. Individual solutions for the filtration of gases protect people and equipment from unfavourable effects. ChemControl Pellets CCP 903 for gas phase filtration eliminate gases by means of adsorption, absorption and chemisorption.

Areas of application for CCP 903
ChemControl Pellets CCP 903 from Viledon are convincing in many applications that require protection against corrosion caused by acid gases. These special pellets are particularly suitable for the removal of ammonia. CCP 903 gas phase filter pellets are used primarily in the paper and pulp industry, petrochemicals, mining and metallurgy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Other applications include data centres, laboratories, microelectronics and the fertiliser industry.

CCP 903 Pellets gas phase filters and their advantages
CCP 903 pellets gas phase filters are especially suitable for removing ammonia gas from the air stream. Filtration is achieved by adsorption and absorption in their zeolite structure. The large inner surface of the ChemControl Pellets CCP 903 ensures efficient filtration over a long lifetime.