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ChemControl Pellets

CCP 610

Reliable protection against corrosion

Viledon ChemControl Pellets are used for the prevention of corrosion. Contaminant gases are removed by means of adsorption, absorption and chemisorption.

Applications Features
Article Bulk density
Nominal diameter / Nominal length [mm]
CCP 610 510 4 x 8
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control


Viledon ChemControl Pellets are used in different areas for the prevention of corrosion caused by acidic gases. Special pellets are utilized for ammonia and chlorine.
  • Paper and chemical pulp industrie

  • Petrochemistry

  • Mining

  • Chemical industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Computer center

  • Labs

  • Microelectronics

  • Fertilizer


  • CPP 610 pellets are used for the filtration of airborne contaminant gases such as hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, chlorine and nitrogen dioxide.

  • They consist of virgin activated carbon, which offers a very high innersurface area to achieve excellent adsorption capacities.

  • CCP 610 pellets provide very low resistance to airflow and long service life.

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Overview of the gas phase filters ChemControl Pellets CCP 610

Gas phase filter ChemControl Pellets CCP 610
Harmful gases can arise in a wide variety of processes. They affect both working conditions and equipment. Harmful gases are associated with foul odours and health risks. They can also lead to corrosion, especially on sensitive electronic equipment. This can require repairs, increase operating costs and encourage downtime. To protect your employees and processes, individual filtration systems are suitable for safely removing harmful gases from the air. CCP 610 gas phase filter pellets prevent corrosion caused by acid gases. 

Areas of application for CCP 610
ChemControl Pellets CCP 610 from Viledon prevent corrosion caused by harmful acid gases, for example in the paper and pulp industry, petrochemicals, mining and metallurgy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They are also used in other industries such as computer centres, laboratories, microelectronics or in the fertiliser industry.

CCP 610 Pellets gas phase filters and their advantages
CCP 610 pellets gas phase filters remove contaminating gases such as hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, chlorine and nitrogen dioxide from the air. The activated carbon with a large inner surface provides ideal adsorption properties. Further advantages of the ChemControl Pellets CCP 610 for gas phase filtration are their low air resistance and long lifetime.