Filter bags Fiber Bags
Filter bags

Fiber Bags

The resource-saving solution for fibrous dusts

Viledon Fiber Bags excel in terms of high collection efficiency and very high abrasion-resistance particularly when extracting fibrous dusts.

Applications Features
Article Filter medium Maximum tensile force along / across (N / 5 cm) Weight per unit area approx.
(g / m²)
FIBER Bags PES 750 / 750 250
FIBER Bags AS PES, AS 750 / 750 260
Particularly eco-friendly
Particularly eco-friendly
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime
Original Viledon quality
Original Viledon quality
Easy installation
Easy installation


Fiber Bags are used for any kind of difficult dust removal job. They have proven themselves particularly in applications where fibrous dusts occur, for example:
  • in the wood processing and woodworking industry
  • in the paper industry


  • In particular for extraction of fibrous dust, high arrestance with a low pressure drop can be achieved with Fiber Bags.
  • Significantly longer useful lifetimes than conventional needlefelts.
  • Very high resistance to abrasion.
  • The Viledon dust removal media FE 2919 + FE 2920 are made from recycled polyester. So the plastic can be brought back into industrial circulation and is not dumped on a landfill. This is a proactive contribution towards resource-economy.