Filter bags NEXX
Filter bags


Maximum performance with increased lifetime

Thanks to the Evolon technology NEXX filter bags are the next generation of surface filters with outstanding advantages over traditional filters manufactured from needled felt.

Applications Features
Article Thickness approx. [mm] Dust class Filter medium Maximum tensile force along / across [N/5 cm] Weight per unit area approx. [g/m²]
NEXX Bags 1 M NEXX (PES + PA) 700 / 800 240
NEXX Bags AS 1 M NEXX AS (PES + PA) 700 / 800 250
NEXX Bags WR 1 M NEXX WR (PES + PA) 700/800 245
NEXX Bags AS WR 1 M NEXX AS WR (PES + PA) 700/800 255
Reduced energy costs
Reduced energy costs
Particularly eco-friendly
Particularly eco-friendly
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime
Water repellent coating
Water repellent coating
Easy installation
Easy installation


NEXX filter bags are used for any kind of difficult dust removal job or problematic dusts. Wherever high dust loads occur, they have proven themselves, for example in:
  • the processing of sugar, plastics and chemical products, in steel mills, foundries, or in surface treatment processes
  • recovering expensive products or any application that utilizes silo storage They are successfully employed for the separation of inorganic (powder coating) pigment dusts and are thus suitable for the recovery of powder coating pigments used in the automobile industry.


  • Original Viledon NEXX: This high-quality patented filter medium possesses unique properties for surface filtration.
  • Dusts can be quickly and easily cleaned off the microfiber layer of the NEXX filter bags.
  • Reduced energy costs: Thanks to optimized filter performance, less compressed air is used during the cleaning process, and the fan’s power consumption downsized.
  • Long filtration cycles and long service life.
  • Low emissions: With Viledon NEXX, clean-gas values of < 1 mg / m³ can be lastingly achieved.
  • Excellent in water and oil repellence.
  • In comparison to needlefelts, Viledon NEXX requires around 50 % less resources to produce. Coupled with the same or an even higher filtration performance.
  • Proactive contribution to protecting the natural environment and ensuring sustainable resource-economy.