Filter panels Filter panel with PSB/290 S
Filter panels

Filter panel with PSB/290 S

Easy and economical

Very economical: longer liftetime and high dust holding capacity.

Applications Features
Article Article number Class to ISO 16890 Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Nominal volume flow
LH 101 PSB / 290 S 610 / 610 53263659 ISO coarse 60% G4 1,300
LH 101 PSB / 290 S 700 / 500 53263662 ISO coarse 60% G4 1,250
LH 101 PSB / 290 S 625 / 500 53263658 ISO coarse 60% G4 1,100
LH 101 PSB / 290 S 500 / 500 53263660 ISO coarse 60% G4 900
LH 101 PSB / 290 S 500 / 400 53263661 ISO coarse 60% G4 720
Filter class G4
Filter class G4
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing
ISO coarse
ISO coarse
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime


Viledon filter panels are used in the intake air filtration of ventilation systems, e. g.

  • in general air conditioning, e. g. as a prefilter for pocket and cassette filters of the standard dimension 610 × 610 mm

  • in the automotive industry, e. g. as a ceiling filter in paint spraying and painting booths

  • in industrial processes (cement, steel, petrochemicals, food, etc.), e. g. for the protection of switch cabinets and heating systems


  • Viledon filter mats are welded into a polyurethane frame in a dust-tight manner. This ensures very high intrinsic stability.

  • The filter media PSB/290 S is progressive in structure, with layers being arranged behind each other so as to ensure that the density of the fiber layers increases towards the clean air side. This optimizes the defined filter performance and the dust holding capacity, resulting in longer useful lifetime for the filter concerned.

  • The filter panels are corrosion and moisture resistant up to 100 % relative humidity. Temperature resistance can be as high as 70 °C.

  • Fire behavior:The filter mat PSB / 290 S complies with the stringent requirements of fire class F 1 in accordance with DIN 53 438 and is therefore self-extinguishing.