Aluminum frame with PU seal HEPA filter | frame depth 68 mm
Aluminum frame with PU seal

HEPA filter | frame depth 68 mm

Efficient air filtration in cleanrooms

Viledon HEPA filters with aluminum frame of filter classes H14 guarantee effective protection for sensitive products and processes by reliable arrestance of critical particles.

Applications Features
Article Article number Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] Filter class acc. to EN 1822 Nominal volume flow
Initial pressure drop [Pa] MPPS efficiency [%] 1 Filter class acc. to ISO 29463 Pleat depth [mm]
SF14-A-0305x0610x068x05-N13N 53411816 305 x 610 x 68 H14 280 120 ≥ 99,995 ISO 45 H 50
SF14-A-0610x0610x068x05-N13N 53411822 610 x 610 x 68 H14 600 120 ≥ 99,995 ISO 45 H 50
SF14-A-0610x1220x068x05-N13N 53411835 610 x 1220 x 68 H14 1,200 120 ≥ 99,995 ISO 45 H 50
1 MPPS: Most Penetrating Particle Size efficiency [%]
<p>Filter class H14</p>

Filter class H14

Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
Microbiologically inactive
Microbiologically inactive
Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity
Moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity
High functional dependability
High functional dependability


Viledon HEPA filters with aluminum frame are used in intake and recirculated air filtration for cleanrooms and in laminar flow boxes with ultra-stringent requirements for clean air and sterility, e. g.

  • in sophisticated air-conditioning applications (operating theatres/intensive care units of hospitals and medical institutes, pharmacies, sterile rooms, labs, research centers, etc.)

  • in sensitive industrial processes (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, optics, food/beverages, micro-electronics, etc.)

  • in ceiling outlets and modules for flexible cleanroom systems.


  • High-efficiency micro-glass-fiber papers are used as filter media.

  • The MiniPleat technology employed ensures flow-friendly geometry and equidistance of the pleats, with homogeneous media velocity coupled with a very low pressure drop. This means particularly cost-efficient and dependable operation plus a quasilaminar outflow.

  • The frame consists of extruded, anodized aluminum and is extremely solid and moisture-resistant.

  • Viledon HEPA filters are microbiologically inactive and meet all hygiene requirements of the German VDI Guideline 6022 “Hygiene requirements for HVAC systems and units”.

  • Each filter element is tested using state-of-the-art scanning equipment for arrestance efficiency and leakproofing in accordance with EN 1822, and delivered together with the corresponding test certificate.