Cassette filters MVP 75 V08 Viledon
Cassette filters

MVP 75 V08

Viledon quality with an optimum price-performance ratio

MVP V08 cassette filters excel in terms of low pressure drop values and offer an optimum price-performance ratio.

Applications Features
Article Article number Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] Class to ISO 16890 Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Nominal volume flow
Initial pressure drop [Pa]
MVP 75 1/1 V08x25-Z00N-A33 53538458 592 x 592 x 292 ISO ePM10 75% M6 3,400 70
MVP 75 5/6 V08x25-Z00N-A33 53538457 490 x 592 x 292 ISO ePM10 75% M6 2,700 70
MVP 75 1/2 V08x25-Z00N-A33 53538455 287 x 592 x 292 ISO ePM10 75% M6 1,500 70
Filter class M6
Filter class M6
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
No dust penetration
No dust penetration
Easy installation
Easy installation


Viledon MVP V08 cassette filters are used for intake, exhaust and recirculating air filtration in air-conditioning systems, e. g.

  • office buildings

  • factory / production halls

  • airports, libraries, museums

  • laboratories, hospitals

  • old people’s and nursing homes, etc.

Cassette filters MVP 75 V08 Viledon Cassette filters MVP 75 V08 Viledon


  • MVP V08 cassette filters excel in terms of low pressure drop values offering an optimum price-performance ratio for operation of ventilation systems.

  • They are constructed for simple and safe handling at installation.

  • MVP 75 V08 cassette filters achieve good energy efficiencies, thus cutting energy costs and downsizing CO2 emissions.

  • The frame offers various possibilities for the installation of clips to hold prefilters.

  • Patented Viledon modular clip-on system with optionally installed pins for combination with other pre- or final filters for a 2-in-1 system solution.

  • MVP cassette filters are also available with six (V06) instead of eight (V08) pleat panels.

Overview of the MVP 75 cassette filters

Cassette filter MVP 75
Cassette filters are depth-loading filters (just like pocket filters, filter mats and HEPA filters). For maximum filter media area, the filter media are used in pleated (folded) form. The type and shape of the pleat are relevant to the filter performance. The special feature of MVP 75 cassette filters is their low pressure drop values. They are also convincing due to their ideal price-performance ratio.

Applications of MVP 75
MVP 75 cassette filters from Viledon are suitable for intake, exhaust and recirculating air filtration in ventilation systems. They are used, for example, in offices, factory and production halls, airports or museums. MVP 75 cassette filters are also used in laboratories, clinics and nursing homes. 

MVP 75 cassette filters and their advantages
The advantages of MVP 75 cassette filters lie primarily in their low pressure drop values and optimum price/performance ratio. Their construction allows an easy installation. Thanks to their energy efficiency, MVP 75 cassette filters can reduce energy costs. The modular clip-on system allows them to be combined with prefilters and final filters to create a 2-in-1 system solution for maximum filtration performance. This allows an additional filter stage to be added in a space-saving way, even where installation space is limited. The attached pre-filter can be removed and replaced as required.