Filtering aid FHM 1500

Filtering aid FHM 1500

Accessories for dust removal technology

Precoating improves cleaning properties by adding the filter aid FHM 1500 to the actual process dust.

Applications Features
Article Article number
Filterhilfsmittel 1500 53474681
Filterhilfsmittel 1500 53301586
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime


In these application categories precoating with FHM 1500 offers advantages:
  • Plasma / flame and laser-cutting of metals.
  • Welding.
  • Cleanable "police filter" stages.
  • Sticky dusts.
  • Coating processes like spray-galvanizing, spray-aluminizing.
  • Applications with low raw-gas concentrations.


  • The FHM 1500 filter aid assists in the initial precoating process.
  • It is applied in a one-off procedure on new filter cartridges (approx. 10 g/m²).
  • This initial precoating improves the cleaning behavior, and ensures lower, stable pressure drops.