Pulse-jet reflectors (PJR)

Pulse-jet reflectors (PJR)

Accessories for dust removal technology

Thanks to the snap-hook technology, the pulse-jet reflectors (PJR) made of polyamide clip on to a flange on the filter cartridges.

Applications Features
Article Article number Construction height [mm]
PJR 145-152-155 53535691 80
PJR 218 53535692 80
PJR 324-327 53535693 80
Easy installation
Easy installation
High functional dependability
High functional dependability


Pulse-jet reflectors (PJR) are available as an accessory and are the perfect match for filter cartridges. They improve air pressure behavior during the filtration operation by optimizing the intake of secondary air. When using Viledon filter cartridges these pulse-jet reflectors can be easily attached with snap hook technology.


  • Unique solution with new snap hook technology. PJR snaps onto the cartridge flange.
  • New: LP-A PJR 324-327 now usable for DIN cartridges.
  • Easy installation – simply insert them into the cartridge – Click & Fix.
  • Can be ordered as an optional accessory.
  • Simple retrofitting for Viledon filter cartridges as well as many other commercially available cartridge models.
  • The product series LP-A PJR 218 and LP-A PJR 324-327 are also available in versions for use in explosive zones.