Online Monitoring ChemWatch S
Online Monitoring

ChemWatch S

Small. Smart. Simple.

The ChemWatch S Air Corrosivity Monitor can identify leaks, gas breakthroughs, and other sources of interference at an early stage. This allows timely intervention in order to prevent any corrosion or damage to electronic components.

Applications Features
Article Article number Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]
ChemWatch S Instrument 53619626 174 x 150 x 42
ChemWatch S Cu Sensor 53496606
ChemWatch S Ag Sensor 53496607
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control
Easy installation
Easy installation
Online Monitoring ChemWatch S
ChemWatch S Dashboard
ChemWatch S Dashboard


The ChemWatch S is designed for monitoring corrosivity in a protected environment to identify such as leaks, breakthrough gases and other sources of disruption that can lead to corrosion of electronic components. The device can also be used in exceptional cases to determine corrosivity in uncontrolled rooms. Corrosivity is usually caused by acid gases such as H2S, SO2, SO3, Cl2, Cl2O, NOx, or NH3.

  • Measurements

  • Corrosion rate (copper and silver sensors)

  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity


  • Interfaces: LAN, WLAN, MQTT and Modbus-TCP supported

  • Dashboard: Browser based

  • Data logging capacity >12 months

  • Individual Settings: time zone, sampling interval, units, threshold values for measured parameters

  • Alarm Notification via LED

  • Available Language: English and German