Viledon R1/ES3 pocket filter
Pocket Filters


Economical Pre-Filter Needs Solution

The Viledon R1/ES3 pocket filter is excellent for use as a pre-filter in automotive surface finishing and commercial HVAC applications. 

Applications Features
Item Description Nominal dimensions (W x H x D) [in] Filter area [ft2] Nominal volume flow [cfm] Initial pressure drop [in w.g.] Dust holding capacity [g] ASHRAE 52.2 Efficiency
R1ES3 1/1 24 x 24 x 15 20 1.968 0.25 416 MERV 8
R1ES3 1/2 12 x 24 x 15 10 1.968 MERV 8
R1ES3 5/5 20 x 20 x 15 14 1.968 MERV 8
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
Reduced energy costs
Reduced energy costs
Easy to dispose
Easy to dispose


  • Automotive surface finishing

  • Commercial HVAC

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Food processing

Viledon R1/ES3 pocket filter


  • Multi-layer media provides excellent particle depth loading and dust holding capacity.

  • 9-gauge galvanized perimeter steel frame ensures tight seal to eliminate air bypass.

  • Pockets are welded for enhanced strength and durability.

  • The proprietary tackifier promote even dust loading and full media utilization.