Viledon DuoPleat
Cassette Filters

DuoPleat Heliport DPx95

Dual-stage Heliport Filter

Viledon DuoPleat x 95 filters are specially designed to remove helicopter exhaust emissions emanating from hospital heliports while offering MERV 14 particle efficiency (meets MERV 14 hospital code).

Applications Features
Item Description Nominal dimensions (W x H x D) [in] Rated Air Flow [cfm] Initial pressure drop [in w.g.] ASHRAE 52.2 Efficiency
MV DPx95 1/1 24 x 24 x 12 1.970 0.43 MERV 14
MV DPx95 1/2 12 x 24 x 12 985 0.43 MERV 14
MV DPx95 5/6 20 x 24 x 12 1.640 0.43 MERV 14


  • Utilized in intake air handling systems

  • Airports

  • Museums

  • Laboratories

  • Commercial buildings, schools and universities

Viledon DuoPleat


  • Excellent odor and corrosive gas protection

  • Manufactured in a dual-stage combination of MERV 14 high efficiency particulate and custom blended carbon media.

  • Secured carbon stage in an open structure by a specially designed bonding system and encapsulated between layers of synthetic media to insure non-shedding performance.

  • Pleated into individual panels and securely sealed into V-shaped molded plastic frames.

  • Demonstrate extremely low pressure drops and long service life, offering the lowest energy and life cycle costs available.

  • Installation does not require modification of existing framing systems in most cases.

  • Thermal Stability: 160°F.

  • Covered by US Patent No. 6447566.

  • Microbial Resistance level 4 (ASTM D632G)