edrizzi paint mist arrestor
Paint Arrestors

edrizzi Vario fine, medium and coarse

Reliable and Cost-Efficient

Made from fire retardant corrugated board, the cost-efficient edrizzi paint mist separators have a capacity of up to 55 lbs. with a separation efficiency of up to 97%. The system saves both time and costs. The paint mist separators can be quickly replaced and disposed of at low cost in incineration plants.

Applications Features
Article Weight, empty
Dimensions (W x H x D) [in] Nominal volume flow [m³ / h]
Vario Coarse 1.6 19.094 x 19.094 x 19.488 500 - 1,250
Vario Medium 1.9 19.094 x 19.094 x 19.488 500 - 1,250
Vario Fine 2.2 19.094 x 19.094 x 19.488 500 - 1,250
Vario S Coarse 0.8 19.094 x 19.094 x 11.614 500 - 1,250
Vario S Medium 1.1 19.094 x 19.094 x 11.614 500 - 1,250
Vario S Fine 1.4 19.094 x 19.094 x 11.614 500 - 1,250
Vario Mounting Frame 19.685 x 19.685 x 18.346
Vario S Mounting Frame 19.685 x 19.685 x 10.433
Easy to dispose
Easy to dispose
Easy installation
Easy installation
Patented material
Patented material


edrizzi paint mist arrestors allow high-quality dry separation in spray booths. They are perfect as a prefilter in multistage filtration systems by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. edrizzi paint mist arrestors are delivered unassembled, allowing cost-effective transport and storage.


  • The simple but innovative design of these patented paint mist arrestors provides paint shops with cost-effective, efficient dry separation with a high paint storage capacity.

  • The handy boxes are made from fire-retardant corrugated cardboard. This guarantees a safe and stable application.

  • The majority of the overspray is collected in the front third of the paint mist arrestor. The guidance systems deep inside ensure optimum arrestance efficiency and are designed not to become saturated too fast.

  • edrizzi paint mist arrestors reduce noise levels in the spraying area by 15 to 20 dB.

  • The dried paint can be disposed of cost-effectively.

    Special features There is a suitable edrizzi paint mist arrestor for every type of paint and application:

  • The edrizzi Vario fine is used for applications in which the edrizzi Vario medium reaches its limits in terms of arrestance efficiency. Application examples include high-rotation bells, very finely atomized solvent coatings and nano coatings.

  • The edrizzi Vario medium is the solution for the majority of surface materials.

  • The edrizzi Vario coarse is the solution for applications in which paint cakes build up on the inlet side of the edrizzi medium, to ensure maximum service life.