ChemControl Systems Deep-Bed Pressurization Systems
ChemControl Systems

Deep-Bed Pressurization Systems

For enhanced corrosion control

The system is placed outside the protected area and supplies purified air into it. Hence, the Viledon Pressurization System provide a positive pressure inside the protected area.

Applications Features
Article Nominal volume flow
Height [mm] Length [mm] Number of filter stages Width [mm]
DPS-100 725 1,100 3,000 2 900
DPS-150 1,050 1,400 3,000 2 900
DPS-200 1,400 1,700 3,000 2 900
DPS-300 2,100 1,700 3,000 2 1,200
DPS-400 2,750 1,700 3,500 2 1,600
DPS-600 3,650 2,300 3,600 2 1,600
DPS-900 5,650 2,300 3,600 2 2,200
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing
Fire class F1 - self-extinguishing


The Viledon ChemControl Pressurization Systems are multi-stage filtration systems that reliably provide complete protection against corrosion. They are designed to cover a wide range of room sizes and various gaseous contaminants which typically occur in paper mills, refineries, smelters, steel and chemical plants.

Viledon Deep Bed Pressurization Systems (DPS) are equipped with deep beds to handle high concentrations of gases while optimizing media life time.

ChemControl Systems Deep-Bed Pressurization Systems


  • Double wall design made of insulated panels, coated inside and outside meeting corrosion resistance category RC5 acc. to DIN55635/EN10169 and anodized aluminum framework, optionally available in stainless steel or painted carbon steel single wall constructions.

  • High quality assembly ensures a smooth interior surface, thereby minimizing frictional losses and providing a positive air seal.

  • Horizontal flow direction.

  • Weatherproof designs: Inlet available with weather louver, weather hood or flange.

  • Systems equipped with two deep bed stages or up to 3 stages with ChemControl modules.

  • Pre- and fine filter available in different filter classes.

  • Discharge flange spigot Connection.

  • Optional pressure gauges to allow clear monitoring onsite.