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Emission Control Filters

Filter media sinTexx Plus
Filter media

sinTexx Plus

Thickness 0.75 mm
Filter cartridges Twist & Fix
Filter cartridges

Twist & Fix

Mounting 3- or 4-hook flanges
Filter catridges Snap & Fix
Filter catridges

Snap & Fix

Mounting Snap hooks
Filter cartridges DIN Standard
Filter cartridges

DIN Standard

Mounting Tie-rod or closure
Filter bags NEXX
Filter bags


Thermal stability 120 °C
Filter media NEXX
Filter media


Thickness 1.0 mm
Dust removal elements DryPleat and DryPleat nano
Dust removal elements

DryPleat and DryPleat nano

Pleat depth 23 and 24 mm
Filter area [m²] 4,7 and 10,9 m2
Dust removal elements Filter plates standard
Filter bags Fiber Bags
Filter bags

Fiber Bags

Thermal stability 80 °C
Filter media Antistatic
Filter media


Thickness 0.3 - 1.1 mm
Filter media FE 2506- and FE 2507-sinus