ChemControl Pellets WV-IS
ChemControl Pellets


Premium Impregnated Carbon

Viledon WV-IS pellets are premium impregnated carbon pellets used to adsorb corrosive acidic gases.

Applications Features
Article Diameter [in] Removal capacity for H2S
of own weight (%)
Moisture content (approx.) [%]
WV-IS .15 14 15
Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control


For acidic gases found in the following industries: 
  • Pulp and Paper

  • Oil / Gas Refinery

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Grain industries

  • WVIS pellets are typically used in combination with vapor adsorber systems to protect electronic equipment found in:

  • Control rooms

  • Instrument rack rooms

  • Motor Control Centers (MCC's)   


WV-IS adsorbs corrosive acidic gases including:
  • Hydrogen sulfide

  • Sulfur dioxide

  • Chlorine

  • Mercaptans

  • Chlorine dioxide 

  • Always refer to the Safety Data Sheet for detailed information on safety.