Filter cartridges GTB
Filter cartridges


Optimized self-cleaning characteristics for maximum useful lifetime

The GTB series is used onshore and offshore, has proven itself in dry, arid areas, maximizes the lifetimes of intake air systems and reduces their operating costs significantly. 

Applications Features
Article Article number Class to ISO 16890 Filter class acc. to ISO 29461-1 Filter class acc. to EN 779:2012 Nominal volume flow
(m³ / h)
Initial pressure drop
Construction height (mm) Filter class acc. to ASHRAE 52.2:2017 Outer diameter (mm)
GTB 324 W66S0 53458773 ISO ePM10 70% ISO T5 M6 1100 160 660 - 327
GTB 445 K66S0 53408767 ISO ePM10 70% ISO T5 M6 1400 - 660 - 445 / 327
GTB 324-445 Set (Conical-Cyl.) - ISO ePM10 70% ISO T5 M6 2500 165 1330 - 445 / 327
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime
Optimized cost-efficiency
Optimized cost-efficiency
High functional dependability
High functional dependability


Pulse-jet filter cartridges of GTB series are used for intake air filtration of gas turbines and turbo compressors at both onshore and offshore installations.

They are particularly suitable for predominantly dry, arid locations with high dust concentrations in the ambient air.


  • High-strength blended micro-fiber nonwoven with water repellent coating that allows the cartridge to maintain excellent operational characteristics in most climatic conditions.
  • The filter media, ensure high arrestance, high dust holding capacity (prior to self-cleaning), low average pressure drop and high cost efficiency.
  • GTB cartridges have been optimized in terms of filtering area, pleat depth and number of pleats which means the active filtering area remains completely effective over its entire operating lifetime.
  • To minimize corrosion and handling damage, the inner and outer support cages and end base end caps are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. All components are cast together to ensure leak-proof operation as well as high security against dust penetration during pulse operation.