Paint mist arrestors PSH 75
Paint mist arrestors

PSH 75

High-quality filtration of paint-spray booth exhaust air

Exceptionally suited for the arrestance of water-based paints. The elastic and fine material structure prevents the surface from becoming clogged prematurely.

Applications Features
Article Article number Thickness approx. [mm] Initial pressure drop (at 1.75 m/s)
Paint mist arrestance efficiency
PSH 75 20 / 1000 65 - 80 50 > 98
High functional dependability
High functional dependability
Long useful lifetime
Long useful lifetime
Non-flammable according to DIN 4102
Non-flammable according to DIN 4102


High-quality filtration of the exhaust air from paint spray booths. The Paint Stop Hydro PSH 75 filter mat is ideally suited for arresting water-based paint. During the intended use as a paint mist arrestor, the safety regulations for avoiding self-ignition must be complied with.


  • A shape-elastic high performance glass-fiber medium is used.
  • Thanks to its fine, elastic material structure, the surface is prevented from being prematurely clogged.
  • Enhanced material rigidity thanks to special finish.
  • The paint mist arrestor PSH 75 scores excellently in terms of increased paint storage capacity for hydro-paints, with concomitantly long useful lifetime.